Play Guide

A complete guide on how to win The Internet!


The Internet is a game against bots. The users, with the help of roles like the admin, try to figure out the bots and disconnect them in order to survive. The bots, on the other hand, try to remove the users from the Internet.


The Users

As user you have only one single task: Stay connected. Bots and others try to disconnect you from The Internet. Find out which accounts belong to bots and vote kick them with the help of other users. Be careful, you can get hacked!

The Bots

You are a bot. You don't know where you come from, you don't know anything else either. The only thing you do know is your mission: Clear The Internet off of users.

The Admin

You are one of the Internet admins. You try to help the users survive the bot-pocalypse. You can inspect any profile at any time and tell the users what you found. But beware: You can only see who is a bot and who not. Not everything evil on The Internet is a bot.

Marcell Davis

As Customer Satisfaction Manager of The Internet it's your purpose to ensure users are happy on our platform. The last bot attacks have been very tough. With your super powers you gained in the field you can help the users by skipping a bot attack.

The Scammer

You are disguised as indian tech support. You try to help the bots carnage. You know all the bot accounts, but you are invisible to them. As a scammer, you can remove any ability from other users and help the bots to win.

The Troll

Some people just want to see the world burn. You are one of them. Your goal is to annoy the users by trolling and being annoying. If they get so tilted they vote you off, your mission is done. But nothing happens if the bots get rid of you.

Game Cycle:

Each round consists of 4 phases.
● Bot phase
● Moderator Phase
● Game Phase
and the User Vote Phase.

A game lasts as many rounds until only one of the teams remains.

In the Bot Phase, the bots can kick out a user by voting for that user. In principle, no one has to be voted for in any vote phase. Bots see each other as red bordered.

The user that the bots have chosen will be kicked out after the time has expired. The player with the most votes will be bordered orange, elected players yellow.

In the moderator phase, the current moderator, who is marked with a blue circle, selects up to 4 players who compete against each other in a mini-game. If the moderator is a bot, he and other bots will see him as purple. The moderator changes every round.

Next is the game phase, in which the 4 selected users have to pass a random mini-game. But beware. Bots and players who were hacked by bots before the mini-game get different tasks than regular players. The bots can hack a user at any time before or after the mini game. Only one user can be hacked at a time and each bot is allowed to hack once.

Finally, there is the User Vote phase, where users can see the results from the games and, just like the bots, decide which person to kick out. After that the next round starts.

Now you know everything, on how to win The Internet!

Good Luck, you will need it!